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hey babies

Name: emma
Age: 18
Location: Royal Holloway University of London studying government and thrilled on a daily basis obviously..

10 favorite bands
- Taking back sunday
- The Postal Service
- Minus The Bear
- Saves The Day
- The Appleseed Cast
- Park
- Straylight Run
- Saosin
- The Tokyo Roses
- Early November
5 favorite movies
- Breakfast at Tiffanys
- The Breakfast Club
- Lost Boys
- Dirty Dancing
- Donnie Darko
3 favorite books
-  lolita
- Down and out in Paris and London
- Harry Potter

What's your opinion on:
Abortion: im pro choice..if a person has been raped or if the baby will be paralysed or unable to live a 'full life' or if having the baby will hurt the mother than an abortion is completely understandble. however if some idiot forgot to use protection than they should deal with the consequences. its your body, protect it. its that simple. if u dont understand that then why the hell are you having sex?
Gay Marriage: i think you love a person, not a sex. you cant help who you fall in love, but you can help who you judge so dont do it. surely any kind of love is better than any kind of prejudice?
Pre-marital sex: i think its a good thing. sex should be enjoyed, and not over rated, under rated or whatever. feel free to save it til marriage, but if you dont want to or are a bit too far gone to think bout that then dont worry about it.
Drugs: im anti drugs, i think hard drugs such as coke and heroin just destroy lives. and then the argument of but theyre addictive and hard to stop comes up...well dont start u idiot.

why would you want to spend money on hurting yourself? if ur that up for drugs come round..ill knock some sense into u..for free!

What's your favorite:
Lyric: why cant i feel anything from anyone other than you?
Quote: democracy is the worst from of government..except for all the others
Song: omg..too many! tbs, little devotional, cute without the e and one eighty by summer. the postal service, district sleeps alone tonight, park, dear sweet impailer..the appleseed cast, steps and numbers. i love so many songs!
CD: taking back sunday - where you want to be
Band: taking back sunday/saosin
Concert: taking back sunday
Drink: ribena or malibu and pineapple juice

Candy: red skittles
Color: red, pink or purple

Finally, post at LEAST 3 pictures and no more than 10 pictures of yourself.


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