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Label me Emo

Name: Abbey Lynn
Age: 14 (almost 15)
Location: Apple Valley, Minnesota

10 favorite bands
-The Used
-Motion City Soundtrack
-Brand New
-Something Corporate
-The Ataris
5 favorite movies
-16 Candles
-Waiting For Guffman
-Texas Chainsaw Massacre
-I am Sam
3 favorite books
-The A-list
-What my Mother doesn’t Know
-Girls on Film

What's your opinion on:
Abortion: well I am prochoice, I personally would never get an abortion but I do not think it is the Goverments responsibility to tell a mother wat to do… it is her baby to have or not to have and the mother sould have the right to diside whether or not to have it.
Gay Marriage: I am all for gay marriage…again no one should tell people who to or who not to love
Pre-marital sex: it is absolutely ok…but I do think it should be something shared between two people in love
Drugs: personally I am Straight Edge, but I don’t look down upon people who do drugs it is there choice if they want to do it I guess.

What's your favorite:
Lyric: “you say you know me, you know nothing at all….you say you hate me, well believe me I hate you to” Moneen-
Quote: :Life is what you make of it, nothing more…nothing less”
Song: We are the Only friends that we have- Piebald
CD: Deja Entendu- Brand New
Band: right now…probably Motion City Soundtrack and Piebald
Concert: Warped and Motion City Soundtack w/ Somerset and small Towns Burn a little Slower
Drink: Mountain Dew and Vanilla Coolers from Caribou!
Candy: Skittles
Color: GREEN

Finally, post at LEAST 3 pictures and no more than 10 pictures of yourself.

thank you! this was my first time applying to a community so don't be too harsh! i am new at this! haha
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