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label me emo

k i hope i did this right. try not to be too mean.lol. :/ i'm afraid of most rating communities.

The Application

Name: Anne
Age: 17 (18 in sept.)
Location: Toronto-ish, Ontario, Canada.

10 favorite bands
-autopilot off
-the used
-my chemical romance
-taking back sunday
-something corporate
5 favorite movies
-drop dead fred
-edward scissorhands
-fahrenheit 9/11
-bowling for columbine
-pirates of the carribean (and a 6th=ANCHORMAN)
3 favorite books
-stupid white men-michael moore
-dude where's my country?-michael moore
-the cage-ruth minksy sender

What's your opinion on:
Don't think it's right, but under certain circumstances, i don't believe it's wrong. I want to be pro-life, but i also want to be pro-choice. It's complicated. Abortion is complicated.There are situations people get into, sometimes unwillingly, where abortion SEEMS like the only choice. Rape, for example, if a pregnancy happens after something horrible like that, one would not want to keep the baby. Others would argue to have the baby, but to put it up for adoption-BUT another argument could be raised that the genes of the "rapist" would be in that child etc. and that the chid could inherit what his/her illigitmate parent had, assuming that the child would be some sort of pyscho or danger to society. There are too many arguments to go both ways. I guess an easier way to have explained all that and where i stand would be to say that i'm in the middle.
Gay Marriage: All the power to them. I used to be an ignorant asshole when it came to homosexual marriages. For example, gays being married in a church. I used to think that was the biggest slap in the face to "god". I mean, in the bible, well in most religions, homosexuality is wrong, so i figure, getting married somewhere in a building that is dedicated to the worship of some sort of god is going against basically everything that that religion teaches. I hope that makes sense. But anyway, now i don't care, i think it's stupid to stop someone from marrying the person that they love, no matter who weds them, or where they wed. That's the great thing about freedom haha.
Pre-marital sex: Eh. I don't really care to be honest. My opinion on pre-marital sex, and this is PRE-MARITIAL SEX ALONE. I do NOT include RAPE when i say this, a community i attempted to join were being complete assholes towards me for not specifying what they meant by pre-marital sex, so i am. If you're ready for it, and all the consquences of what could happen if something goes wrong, i'm not talking just a baby, i'm talking STD's aswell-if you can handle the possibility of either of those then go for it. Do what you want. Just don't ever, ever, ever, ever say to ANYONE "why didn't you warn me." clearly, we all learned this in like..7th grade sex ed.
Drugs: I don't have an opinion really on drugs. I don't do them personally, i mean i drink, which i guess is a drug, i'm just scared to death of drugs-that's why i don't do them. I guess if you like it, go ahead and do it. It would just suck if someone became an addict, that's shitty deal.

What's your favorite:
i miss you, i miss you so far and the collision of your kiss that made it so hard.[[mcr]]
Quote: "but why is all the rum gone"..hi, i have an infatuation with johnny depp.
Song: "cemetery drive"-my chemical romance and "misstake"-horrorpops
CD: remember right now-spitalfield
Band: hanson. i know, i'll probably get docked "SCeNE" points for this, but it's the honest to god truth...and atleast i can admit it....they're tied with taking back sunday right now, though. and maybe the used. gah.
Concert: Wow, that's too hard. I go to a variety of different concerts, so oi vey..It's too hard to decide..I mean, i go to "emo/screamo" shows, i go to punk shows, i go to rock shows.My favourite one out of allll of those, would be..emo-wise Taking Back Sunday/The Used/Blink 182 this past May, punk..a local show i went to last year, "The Code" played..and rock.. haha i'm going to lose some more "ScenE" points for this, but i recently saw nickelback, and that was a sweet show.
Drink: alcoholic=vex non-alcoholic=coca cooolllaa.
Candy: sour cheery blasters
Color: red and blue

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