xoimsolameox (xoimsolameox) wrote in theemocorner,

Label me emo

Location:Atlanta, Georgia

10 favorite bands
-The ataris
-the juliana theory
-match book romance
-my chemical romance
-style over substance
-one way letter
-agnus dei(and brand new)((they are tied))
-deathcab for cutie
-bright eyes
5 favorite movies
-the virgin suicides
-nightmare before christmas
-the notebook
3 favorite books
-this lullaby
-romeo and juliet

What's your opinion on:
Abortion:It isnt really my opinion it is the person that is having it done. Society as a whole isnt really able to judge what is right and what is wrong. The only person that has to deal with it for the rest of their life is the person having it done. If you ban it people will just do it the old fasioned way with coat hangers.
Gay Marriage: Im all for it. Who is to say who you can and cant love. You get married because you love someone well can you honestly tell someone they cant get married b/c they dont love the same way you do? Its the couples decision not an outsiders.
Pre-marital sex: Im not for it but im not against it. It can mess up even the best of relationships. If you do use protection and be prepared for the consequences.
Drugs:I'm not for it. I did coke in 5th grade for my depression as a temporary solution and it only created more problems. They can make you or break you. the choice is yours.

What's your favorite:
Lyric:"the stars are out tonight and you are the brightest one shining in my sky."- the ataris
Quote:"how can you know i am hurting if you cannot see my pain?"
Song:saddest song by the ataris
CD:bright eyes
Band:brand new or taking back sunday
Concert:agnus dei
Drink:kool aid(pink)
Candy:gummy bears
Color:hot pink and black and blue(cant pick just one)

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