___pistola_x (___pistola_x) wrote in theemocorner,

promotion and notice!!

First: join emofkinhotness

I NEED SOMEONE ELSE TO TAKE OVER THIS COMMUNITY. I'm way disorganized this summer and I can't keep track of half the shit going on with my LJ stuff. SO, anyone who wants it, leave a comment and tell me why you want to run it and stuff.

PS- this is audiobloodvamp but again, i'm way too lazy. g'bye
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if you think you can trust me with it..I'll take it.

oh, thank you love. you just made my online life that much easier. lol
Glad I could help. Now, you don't want me to completly take over..right?
nah just help me out. i'm gone a week at a time and i miss the applicants in here.